Oreo Dairy Milk Milkshake is a no-cook item. It means you don’t need a kitchen to make this thing. Let me tell you that this shake is god damn easy to make than you think.

Shakes are my all-time personal favourite because there’s no complexity involved in them. Just grab everything you need, mix, grind, shuffle & there you go. Your shake is ready.

The same applies to this oreo dairy milk milkshake. We require five items. Yes, only five of them. Let’s see what they are

Oreo Dairy Milk Milkshake Ingredients

  • Oreo Biscuit – For the oreo shake, we need five oreo biscuits. Flavours won’t matter. Any oreo biscuit will do.
  • Dairy Milk – I have used plain dairy milk chocolate. You can use the one having nuts in it. Both of them are fine.
  • Sugar – For sweetness, we have sugar. If you don’t want to use sugar, then just skip it. Your shake will be less sweet.
  • Milk – Milk is the base of our oreo dairy milk milkshake. Use full-fat milk for better taste & consistency. One more thing, use chilled milk to enhance the flavour.
  • Chocolate Syrup – To garnish the milkshake, we have chocolate syrup. Small syrup sachets are available at the grocery stores.

The oreo dairy milk milkshake is a no-fuss drink. Hence, we won’t complicate it further by adding extra things to the above list.

How’s the Taste of this Milkshake?

It’s simply superb! There’s a series of flavours you will come across in this milkshake. It is sweet, chocolatey, milky & very mildly bitter. But, of course, this might be because of the chocolates in it.

All in all, you will love this milkshake. Children are special mention here. They will want more; therefore, make a little extra.

I bet your kids won’t resist relishing this drink. This particular milkshake is the centre of attraction for birthday parties. It has everything that children love—for instance, oreo.

TR’s Extra Shots for Oreo Dairy Milk Milkshake

Do you want to make your Oreo milkshake more delightful? If yes, then follow the tips below.

  • Heavy Cream – Add 1/4 cup Amul heavy cream. It will make your milkshake smoother. Try it.
  • Coffee Powder – Add 1/2 tsp coffee powder. You will love the mild, raw & bitter coffee flavour.
  • Chocolate Syrup – If you do not add sugar, add chocolate syrup. It will give a sweet taste.
  • Chocolate Cake – Add 1-2 tbsp chocolate cake if available. Your milkshake will double the happiness.

Oreo Dairy Milk Milkshake FAQs

Is it safe for children to drink Oreo Dairy Milk Milkshake?

Yes, this milkshake is safe for kids to drink. Everything that goes into this milkshake is an all-time favourite of children. Hence, they will not only love it but will always want more of it.

Can I add Bournvita to my oreo dairy milk milkshake?

Bournvita is a fun item. You can add it to your oreo milkshake. But, first, make sure your crush the Bournvita powder in the mixer properly.

Can I skip the sugar, and can I add honey instead?

Yes, you can skip or reduce the quantity of sugar. Instead, add chocolate syrup a little more to adjust the sweetness, or you can even use honey.

Can I make this shake in heavy cream instead of milk?

You can, but then it will become too heavy to digest. Moreover, it won’t be a milkshake anymore if you use heavy cream. Instead, it will become a thick shake.

Which oreo biscuits shall I use?

There’s no specific flavour or colour recommendation in terms of oreo biscuits. I have used white cream in the middle, but you can use the oreo biscuits of your choice. Use the one that your kids prefer to eat.

Now that we know everything about this oreo milkshake, let’s make it. Let me know your kid’s reaction in the comments.