Oreo Cadbury Cake Shake with Lotte Choco Pie is a delicious delight for the little ones. I have already made Oreo Dairy Milk Milkshake earlier. Check out the awesome oreo dairy milk video. I bet you will not only like it but make it more often.

Okay, now back to the recipe. There’s a reason behind tagging this milkshake as children’s favourite. First thing first, this milkshake has everything that your child wants. For instance, their favourite oreo biscuits. Then it has Cadbury chocolate cake with lotte choco pie. The third one is their all-time dearest item, the chocolate syrup.

In short, a glass full of their treasured goodies.😆 Now, who would want to miss all of them?😆 Hence, let’s make this shake right away without further delay. We will start with the ingredient list.

A Mad Mad Drink for Kids’😆

To make this shake, we need fewer items. For instance, Oreo biscuits, Cadbury cake, lotte choco pie, sugar, coffee powder, milk & chocolate syrup. Let me tell you that the richness of dark cookies filled with cream is a mad, mad thing for children.

On the other hand, the Cadbury cake & choco pie will make the shake thick. Chocolate wrapped cakes are an excellent addition to this drink. I have added coffee powder for flavour purposes, but you can skip it if you don’t want a coffee-like taste.

There’s no culinary explanation for why we are using all these things. It’s just a fun drink. So, therefore, let’s enjoy it. Don’t forget the chocolate syrup.

Oreo Cadbury Cake Shake – Make it More Flavourful!

Heavy cream – I tried making this cake shake in cream. However, it tasted like a thick shake. My heavy cream was highly chilled; even yours has to be that way. Further, use a hand beater to beat the cream. Doing this will make your cake shake creamy & smooth.

Whip Cream – This is yet another excellent stuff. Although whip cream is used to decorate cakes, still you can use it here. Using whip cream will give you a fluffy chocolate flavour mouse. Hence, do not beat it until it becomes thick. Stop when you feel your hands aren’t moving freely anymore. Chill for an hour & enjoy.

Coffee Powder – A mild bitter taste of the coffee will enrich the overall taste of your cake shake. I would suggest you not skip it. On the contrary, if your kid doesn’t like the taste, then skip & proceed.

Now that we have the item list & some yummy tips, why not make it first. Watch the recipe video, follow the recipe steps & do get in touch with me in the comment section.

Why Must You often Make this Oreo Cadbury Cake Shake?

It’s damn easy & super fun to make. Moreover, it is the most delicious thing you will ever attempt to make at home. I know because I have been there. If you look closely, each & every item is like काटो, घोलो और पी जाओ.😆

What I mean is buy them on the way home. Blend them & enjoy. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about the leftover because there isn’t any.😆

This Oreo Cadbury Cake Shake is a glass full of love, chocolate & temptation. Remember, it will be hard to resist for the big kids, too.😆

Oreo Cadbury Cake Shake FAQs

The recipe is short, with almost no kitchen setup. You can make it right away. But before you begin, read the following faqs to resolve your doubts. Here they are.

Can I skip sugar?

Yes, you can skip the sugar. However, you will have to adjust the sweetness level to compensate for the absence of sugar.

Is there a flavourful substitute for coffee powder?

The coffee powder is not mandatory here. So you can skip & proceed without it. Still, if you insist on putting something instead of coffee powder, use bournvita.

Should I use hot milk or chilled milk?

I made my cake shake using chilled milk & I suggest you do the same. See, I am not against using hot milk. But then you will get hot chocolate milk instead of a cake shake. So, therefore, use chilled milk.

Is it necessary to use chocolate syrup?

The chocolate syrup gives a smooth dark chocolate-like taste. Children love chocolate syrup. On the contrary, there’s no reason not to use it.

Can I use dry fruits?

Yes, you can always top up your oreo shake with the dry fruits of your choice. For example, you can use nut flavoured dairy milk instead of a plain one. Adding dry fruits will enrich the taste, especially if they are toasted. Try it.

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