Gulkand strawberry milkshake is not only a refreshingly cool summer drink. It is also a natural coolant because of the Gulkand present in it.

Moreover, it is a regular refreshment found in every household. Not limited to a specific festival, but this milkshake is drunk in abundance on Holi here in India.

The Gulkand strawberry milkshake is heavenly delicious as it is flavoured with rose petal. Additionally, it has strawberries in it. All in all, it’s a perfect combo of baby pink coloured sweet flavoured milkshake.

Like I said above, Holi special drinks are termed Thandai. Here in India, Thandai is a traditional drink served, especially on Holi. The festival of colour is indeed incomplete without Thandai.

Gulkand Strawberry Milkshake – A Substitute of Thandai

Not everyone likes Thandai because it’s heavy to digest, especially for kids. Hence, the Gulkand strawberry milkshake can be a creamy substitute for Thandai.

Since there are strawberries & milk in it, kids will love it. Trust me, and this pinky milkshake will be everyone’s favourite.

So, let’s walk through the ingredient list & steps.

Gulkand Strawberry Milkshake Ingredients

The item list is short. Moreover, everything’s readily available except strawberry. It is a seasonal fruit which we get to eat in winters. So, fresh strawberry is the heart of this recipe. Now let’s look at other items.


Dry strawberry powder is an excellent substitute if you don’t get fresh ones. Yes, you can use strawberry in powdered or cube form if available.

Another great substitute is the strawberry pulp. Therefore, to make a Gulkand strawberry milkshake, you have excellent substitutes.

Milk & Heavy Cream

Milk is the base ingredient, and since we are making a milkshake, you can’t skip it. Heavy cream is optional. To give a creamy texture & flavour, I have used heavy cream. You can skip it if you are using full-fat milk.


Gulkand is rose petals immersed in thick sugar syrup. Although it has sugar in it yet, Gulkand has substantial health benefits. One of my family members had a history of burning sensation in the stomach for a long time. A tablespoon of Gulkand, every day on an empty stomach, helped him relieve this problem.

All in all, Gulkand is immensely beneficial when it comes to summer drinks. So, don’t skip this item.

Chocolate Syrup

It is entirely optional. I have used it because my grandchildren are fond of chocolate flavour. God knows the divine love of kids for chocolates.

Almond & Pistachios

Do not add powdered dry fruits. Slit almonds & pistachios vertically. It looks incredible when garnished with dry fruits.

After the ingredient list, let’s fatafat move on to the making process.

2 step Gulkand Strawberry Milkshake

Add all items to a juicer mixer jar and grind. That’s it. There’s nothing much you need to do. Wash & clean all strawberry fruits before using them.

Rest everything is perfect. Gulkand strawberry milkshake is made similar to any other milkshakes. Mix everything & grind.

So, that was it with the Gulkand strawberry milkshake recipe today. Watch the recipe video for precise details. Follow the recipe steps with images. Compare them side by side while cooking.