One can prepare Mango Halwa with mango pulp, custard powder, powdered sugar, nutmeg powder, pistachio, and ghee. It’s a unique combination of ingredients, and you can garnish it with tutti fruity and dry fruits as well.

Also, it’s effortless to follow steps. Just make sure you take the right ingredients, and a charismatic recipe is ready for your family and guest.

There is no doubt that the only reason to love the hot season of summer is mangoes. We can make many tasty dishes with mangoes, whether we have raw mango or a ripe one.

One can easily prepare it at home. Moreover, you don’t need to put extra effort or your spare time into this dish. Also, there are so few ingredients used in this recipe.

Mango Halwa can be served on any given occasion. It is an excellent inclusion on the menu for festivals like Diwali or during parties and get-to-gathers for your guests. You sure are going to receive compliments.

Mango Halwa is a fusion dessert recipe. Why am I referring to it as fusion? It is because there’s a fruit pulp. The pulp is cooked with dry fruits, similar to a traditional halwa. All this together makes mango halwa.

A mixture of mango pulp, sugar & custard powder, when frozen overnight, gives mango halwa. It is essential to realise that custard powder acts as a binding agent. It holds all the ingredients together. Moreover, it also adds a mild tangy taste.

Now let’s check out the item list to make mango halwa.

Mango Halwa Ingredients

The best thing about making this halwa is fewer ingredients. Every single item is available at your nearest grocery store. Let’s what they are:

  • Mango – Extract pulp from fresh mangoes.
  • Powdered Sugar – You can skip the sugar or reduce the quantity. It is for the sweet taste.
  • Custard Powder – Use mango flavour custard powder if available.
  • Ghee – To saute the mango pulp, we will use ghee. Avoid using butter.
  • Nutmeg Powder – For flavour & aroma. One can also use cardamom powder as well.

After the item list, we will proceed to the making process. Here’s how we will make our mango halwa.

Making Mango Halwa

Mango flavour halwa is a next-level dessert. However, it is a custom dish unavailable at sweet shops. If you want to eat, then make it all by yourself. I will show you how to do that. Let’s begin.

Blend the Pulp

Extract fresh mango pulp & blend it with sugar & custard powder. Use a juicer machine, hand blender or food mixer. We need to cut the pulp into a liquid consistency. Therefore use a powerful mixer.

Dry the Mango Pulp

Heat a non-stick kadhai, add ghee & saute the mango pulp. Do this until the pulp is super dry. Make sure you don’t burn the pulp, or else it will smell bad. To avoid burning, add ghee gradually & keep stirring.

Add Flavour

Once your pulp is super dry, it’s time to integrate flavour & aroma. To do this, add cardamom powder & dry fruits. Mix well. Remove the mixture & allow it to cool down before chilling.


Empty the mixture into the mould & level it. Sprinkle cashews & almonds. Then, use foil paper to cover the mould & chill overnight. Your mango halwa is ready. Cut & serve.

Henceforth, we finally made our halwa using mango pulp. But there’s an issue here. Let’s discuss it.

How to Make Mango Halwa During Off-Season?

The mango halwa is a seasonal variety. You can enjoy it as long as fresh mango fruits are available. I mean, during the mango season. But what if you want to make it when there is no mango available. I have a solution.

Use readymade mango pulp. Yup, it’s a viable option.

To make this halwa, all we need is the pulp. Therefore, readymade mango pulp is considerable. Go for it.

More Halwa’s

Now there are unique varieties of halwa you can make at home. Below is the list of traditional Indian style halwa. Take a look:

  1. Gajar ka halwa
  2. Paneer halwa
  3. Beetroot halwa
  4. Orange halwa
  5. Rajgira halwa
  6. Custard powder halwa
  7. Green moong dal halwa
  8. Custard apple or sitafal halwa
  9. Dudhi halwa with condensed milk
  10. Wheat halwa or atte ka halwa
  11. Moong dal halwa
  12. Gajar halwa with condensed milk
  13. Sooji halwa
  14. Shakarkandi or Sweet Potato halwa

As you can see, we have 14 indigenous & flavourful halwa recipes. All of them are different & super delicious. Not to mention but you can try them at home. Okay, we are coming back to our mango halwa. Let’s proceed with the basic details, ingredients & so on. Here we go.