Mango Halwa is a delicious, mouth-watering dessert and snack recipe. Fantastic in taste, quick to make and a great recipe to put on the list for any occasion. Also, a perfect summer recipe for kids and elders in the house.

One can prepare this with mango pulp, custard powder, powdered sugar, nutmeg powder, pistachio, and ghee. It’s a unique combination of ingredients, and you can garnish it with tutti fruity and dry fruits as well.

Also, it’s effortless to follow steps. Just make sure you take the right amount of ingredients, and a charismatic recipe is ready for your family and guest.

There is no doubt that the only reason to love the hot season of summer is mangoes. There are many tasty dishes we can make with mangoes, whether we have raw mango or a ripe one.

This recipe can be easily prepared at home. Moreover, you don’t need to put extra effort or your spare time for this dish. Also, there are so few ingredients used in this recipe.

Mango Halwa can be served on any given occasion. It is an excellent inclusion on the menu for festivals like Diwali or during parties and get-to-gathers, for your guests. You sure are going to receive compliments.

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