Shakarkandi Halwa or sweet potato is a delicious and healthy sweet delicacy. The unique sweet dish is made from softened sweet potato added with crunchy dry fruits. Cardamom or nutmeg powder is also added for aroma.

Sweet Potato is very nutritious and healthy. It contains iron fiber and minerals. It is also loaded with Vitamin B and C.

Shakarkandi ka halwa may not be the first choice for dessert but it has its own fanbase. It is a very quick recipe barely taking time to prepare. Make it whenever your sweet cravings kick in but you still want to eat healthily.

You can make this halwa during festivals, occasions or just for dessert. It can also be a great choice for kids’ lunch boxes. Though this is popular for Mahashivratri fasting.

Usually, sweet potatoes are included in chaats. In North India, you are going to find vendors outside schools selling sweet potato chaat and also as popular street food.

You can either grate the sweet potato for this dish or can cook them before and mash it. The second option is better as it takes away the raw taste of the sweet potatoes.

This recipe is like any other halwa recipe and almost effortless. Well, except for stirring the halwa continuously that is.

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