Orange Halwa is a delicious sweet recipe made of semolina and orange pulp. It is an innovative version of the regular suji halwa. This orange Halwa is said to be from the Nagpur region of Maharashtra, famous for its oranges.

Usually, people use just the orange zest and orange juice to make this halwa. But here, we are using the orange pulp to make it tastier. Likewise, there are many varieties for making it. The banana and pineapple versions are more popular than others.

In North India, they make the suji ka halwa without any added flavors. But adding orange pulp or extract will make it less plain and boring. Some people add Kesar or saffron in the halwa for getting this color and orange essence for flavor, instead of actual oranges.

You might need to adjust the proportion of sugar and oranges to balance the sweetness. Also, sometimes semolina absorbs more water, so you need to add water to it as per the softness you need in the halwa.

This halwa is exceptionally light, healthy, filling, and delightful to eat. It tastes sweet and tangy and will provide zest for your taste buds. This recipe is ideal for any occasion, whether for festivals, gatherings, or just after meal dessert.

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