Moong Dal Halwa is a sweet and delightful dessert that is made with moong lentils and ghee. This halwa is more popular in the North Indian region.

People cook this halwa mostly on celebratory occasions like marriages, the festival of Holi or Diwali, and as such. It is a bit time-consuming and takes some effort to prepare this on a routine day.

This dish is easy to prepare in general. The main trick lies in stirring and adding sugar syrup. You need to be really attentive to doing this. It is a little tricky but the reward is worth the effort.

It is advisable to use a non-stick vessel or kadhai to make this dish. The possibility for the contents to stick at the bottom and stirring will be relatively easy.

Moong Dal Halwa is surely a dish you would want to keep devouring more and more. But make sure you have a lot of time and patience to make this.

People in Rajasthan also enjoy this dessert very much, especially in the winter season. This dish helps them fight the cold by keeping them warm.

The halwa can be stored in the refrigerator for a week. Keep in mind to add a little bit of milk before reheating the halwa. It will keep the moisture and taste intact.

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