Rajgira Halwa is a gluten-free dessert recipe to cook on auspicious days.  A sweet dish made from rajgira flour, sugar, milk, ghee and flavored with the dash of cardamom.

Also, it is perfect to cook on Vrat days. The halwa is made out of Rajgira flour which contains protien, calcium, and amino acids.

Moreover, it’s rich in iron and magnesium. The texture of the halwa is so ooey-gooey and soft. It has the amazing softness in it and perfect fasting dessert.

Many Indians love making such types of halwa dishes to celebrate precious God days. Whether it is Laxmi Pooja, Shivratri, Holi, or Navratri. This halwa goes in all festivals and suffice the fasting days.

It’s heavy because of ghee and milk. Eat this halwa when you want to fill up your stomach for some hours and also eat it in warm form for better texture and taste into your mouth.

One can also add Mawa or Khoya instead of using milk for a more soft texture. The exotic flavors and amusing taste of the halwa will be loved by the whole family and even the kids.

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