Mango Rabdi is easy to make, traditional Indian dessert made with reduced milk and mango puree. It is thick, fruity, creamy, and soft in texture and is exceptionally delicious.

Since mangoes are only available in summer, it is a unique summer dessert. Making rabdi is a little time-consuming process since you need to reduce the milk to one-third of its original volume to get the thick creamy texture.

Rabdi is a versatile dessert. As we have added mango puree in here, you can try experimenting with different flavors that can go well with rabdi. Or you can just have a classic rabdi without adding any flavors. It will taste just as good.

Also, one can turn mango puree into a lot of different recipes like mango lassi, milkshake, or even mango smoothie as well.

The Mango Rabdi garnished with dry fruits, and mango pieces make for an excellent mango dessert. Perfect for parties or any occasion too. If you want to reduce the time to make this sweet delicacy, you may use condensed milk as well. That is an equally convenient and delicious option too.

Sugar is not very much needed since mangoes provide the natural sweetness for the dessert. So it also a healthy option to have, satisfying your sweet tooth.

It tastes the best when you first chill it before eating. So make sure to refrigerate it before serving.

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