Mango Cupcakes Burfi is a delicious and straightforward seven ingredient recipe. The sweet delicacy has a moist texture with great flavor and richness to it.

Summer in India is incomplete without the mention of mangoes in any way. Be it in its original form, with ice-cream or as a part of a dessert; mango is omnipresent.

The recipe is easy to make and is perfect for any occasion. Sure it will spread joy among your loved ones.

The Mango Cupcakes Burfi is a sort of an extended version of traditional burfi. You can have most of the control over the measurements of the ingredients used, especially sugar. Condensed milk is also a great alternative sweetness.

It might take a bit of time and effort if you don’t have the readymade ingredient. But if you use canned or packed ingredients, then it is a straightforward and time-saving recipe.

Sweets usually get stale quickly. So it is an excellent option to store them in a dry place to refrigerate even increase their shelf life.

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