Coconut laddu is dessert balls full of flavors and crunchiness. These look like a white snowball that tastes delicious. These laddus are made with coconut, sugar, cardamom powder, tutti frutti, and milk.

Also, one can make Coconut laddus for any special occasion. They taste delicious. Make these laddus with many variations like with milkmaid, sugar syrup, or condensed milk.

Immensely delicious and tasty and luxuriant texture. Moreover, it’s only 4 main ingredient recipe that gets ready in some time. If you have a guest coming at home or at small social gatherings.

The method is very easy. It includes grated coconut, milk & mix together. Moreover, this laddu is prepared on a low flame because the coconut might burn on high flame.

It’s the perfect Indian sweet recipe that makes creates a scrumptious taste. Even you can gift this at home and send it as a Diwali gift to your relatives & friends.

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