Dates Laddu or Khajoor Laddu is a very healthy sweet Indian snack recipe. A whole lot of dry fruits is included to prepare this dish. These laddus are a powerhouse of nutrition on their own and are super healthy.

Laddus are food that everyone enjoys, especially children. No matter how many times you warn them, kids can barely keep their hands off of it.

It is also a special inclusion in celebrations and festivals. It can also be great to wrap it and present it to your friends and family on festive occasions.

Because of the dates and edible gum, your body will receive enough warmth. And those dry fruits are very healthy. Therefore, people prepare this recipe mostly in winter.

All mothers can then let their worries go and need not reprimand their kids for overeating sweets.

Normally, these are sugar-free. But we have added rock sugar to added sweetness. It will surely appease to all the sweet-toothers in the house.

There is no exact recipe to make these laddus. You can add or separate ingredients and the proportions of those ingredients as you wish. Just make sure the flavor does not change much.

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