Dry fruit Laddu is a quick and easy to make the recipe. Moreover, they are the mini powerhouse of nutrients.

Laddus are an all-time favorite sweet snack for everyone. Also, children can barely resist themselves from having a bite of this sweet delicacy.

Dry Fruit Laddu is a winter special recipe. All the dry fruits included in the recipe provides your body with the required nutrients. Moreover, Jaggery will fulfill the need for warmth in your system.

There is no exact step by step way to prepare this recipe. You can make it the way it is convenient for you. Besides, the measurement of the ingredients used in it can be changed according to your own convenience and choice. This laddu recipe is so versatile like that.

Some may add sugar to the recipe for getting the sweetness. But using jaggery makes it more healthy and nutritious, also giving it a nice taste.

The better thing about this laddu is that you can eat it during fasts in Navratri, providing you with a good dose of energy and nutrients. Just eating 2-3 laddus will make your stomach full and energy level boosted. You can also prepare this at Diwali and other festivals as part of celebrations.

The addition of Gond or edible gum is also possible. It will boost up the nutritional value of this recipe like anything.

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