Til Gud Ladoo is a sweet snack of Indian cuisine. It is a winter snack in India, especially made on the festival of Makarsankranti.

One cannot imagine the festival of Makarsankranti without these goodies. It provides us with warmth and energy, which is very much needed in the cold season. Therefore, it is a must-have snack.

Sesame and jaggery are combined to make this Ladoo.  Some people like to add peanuts also in the mixture. This recipe is quick, requires fewer ingredients and is easy to make.

People of all the region of India prepare this during winter. It is also called ‘Tilkut’ or ‘Til Che Ladoo” in Maharashtra.

During Makarsankranti the Maharashtrian community people shared this Til Gul Ladoos with everyone with these words – Til Gul Ghya God Bola. It means take this Til Gud Ladoo and speak sweet and maintain sweetness in our relationship.

Till Ladoo are made in many ways. One among them is Til Gud Ladoo where the til is powdered and it’s an easy recipe where no jaggery syrup is made. And other is til Khoya Ladoo where the Ladoo are made with sesame seeds powder and khoya (mawa).

Til Gud Ladoo has a charm to itself which appeals to everyone. Jaggery has a  unique flavor and it compliments the other ingredients nicely.

The recipe does not use sugar to sweeten it. Besides, there is a minimal requirement of oil/ghee in the preparation. So that makes the dish a healthy option to try.

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