Dates & Almond Energy Balls are an easy, sweet, and delicious snack recipe to make. They are not only tasty but also very healthy to have.

Dates are naturally sweet in taste. They are also a powerhouse of nutrients. Almonds too have their own set of nutritional values. So, when you feel like having something sweet yet healthy, these Date & Almond Energy Balls can be a great option.

The requirement for sweet taste will be fulfilled by dates. Almond will offer you crunchiness and nutty flavor. Both of these ingredients are powerful energy boosters.

Moreover, they are also very filling food to have. So you need not feel guilty to have to put on weight after having this snack.

These energy balls can be a nice alternative for energy bars like granola and muesli. Just add some flex seeds and raisins to these.

You can replace the peanut butter with honey if you like. It adds up to more nutritional value. Coating it with shredded coconut is completely optional. It won’t make any difference if you do not add it.

Add cinnamon or vanilla extracts to add more flavor to these energy balls. They are going to taste awesome!

Dates & almond energy balls can last up to a week in an air-tight container. Or maybe edible for a month if kept in a refrigerator.

They are best for bulking muscles, increasing muscle mass, dieting, weight loss, and those who are fasting, providing energy. These can be a great addition in your diet if you have a new year’s resolution to lose some of it.

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