Khajur Pak is a winter special recipe which you should try at home. It has almost every nutritional ingredients like almonds, cashew nuts, dates and poppy seeds.

You can specially make this during the winter season as it warms you really nice plus you get nutrients as well.

Dates have good benefits like it is high in fiber & has many anti-oxidants plus promotes your brain health as well.

It is a good cure for heart disease, cancer & diabetes. Above all, it is a substitute for white sugar and you get natural sugar. Therefore, it helps you lose weight. It provides aid in blood sugar too.

You can check out all the details about Dates health benefits here HealthLine.

Khajur Pak will drive you high on energy when you eat it in the morning. It not only serves as a healthy option, but it can also work as a dessert too.

Next time your guest visits your home, serve them this healthy superfood Khajur Pak made with a secret ingredient- Desi Ghee.

The Indian mother’s most favorite sweet and grandmother’s blessings in this one recipe – Khajur Pak really making your life wonderful.

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