Khajur Roll is a sweet dish with lots of dates and dry fruits. It provides energy and warmth. Hence it is exceptional winter food.

Dates are a highly nutritious food ingredient. Just eating two dates is enough for providing you with energy for a whole day.

This khajur roll recipe is sugar-free as all the sweetness is from the dates itself. It makes the recipe even healthier.

Since it is naturally sweet, the sweetness will be mild and not too much. But if you still wish to satisfy your sweet tooth, then it, you can add jaggery. Jaggery will provide more sweetness and will also add to its nutritional value.

Nuts that are used in this recipe are packed with fats, fiber, and protein as well. They also have minerals and vitamins in them. And dates are a natural energy booster.

All these make it extremely healthy for your good health. It is perfect to have it as a protein bar. It will help you fill your stomach and providing you energy for exercising.

Moreover, it is also an excellent option for a diabetic person to fill their wish for eating sweet, carefree. These are also good for young mothers to regain the nutrients in their bodies.

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