Mawa Ghughra is a traditional Gujarati sweet recipe, deep-fried, and is shaped in a half-moon. The outer layer is a light crisp layer of all-purpose flour, resembling that of a croissant.

It has a shape of a half-moon dumpling and traditionally has a filling of milk solids, sugar, coconut, and nuts. Although, the ingredients for the filling changes as per different regions of India.

Gujaratis stuff it with semolina, dry coconut, and nuts. Maharashtrians make it with coconut, milk, poppy seeds. In Goa, it is simply a filling of jaggery and coconut. Whereas, in Andhra Pradesh, it consists of the filling of dry coconut and semolina.

With the change in regions, the name for this sweet also changes. In Gujarat, its name is Ghughra. Karanji in Maharastra, Kajikalayu in Andhra, Nevries in Goa, Karachika in Tamil Nadu, etc.

This traditional sweet dish is an all-time favorite and is dish up at festivals. But it is a Diwali special recipe. Gujiyas remain fresh for around 5 days to a week, so usually, people make them in advance to the festival.

Mawa Ghughra is not very sweet in taste, therefore, it is more preferred as a snack. You can give this recipe richness by adding as many nuts as you like. Or can even make it more savory by deducting the sugar content from it.

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