Murmura Laddu is a famous traditional Indian sweet that we make with melted jaggery and crisp puffed rice.  It is an easy and quick recipe with just two ingredients. Murmura Laddu is also called puri unde or pori urundai

It is an ideal sweet for winter, especially for the festival of Uttarayan. This laddu provides with necessary heat in winter. You can also make it for any special occasion, for guests or just as a snack.

People use jaggery, as well as sugar, to make Murmura Laddu. But making it with jaggery is a more healthy option than sugar, even though sugar will give more taste to it.

Though puffed rice is not nutritionally rich, it is light on the stomach and low in calories. And it makes Murmura Laddu a more enjoyable and desired snack.

One can also use flattened rice or Poha in place of puffed rice. It may need to reduce the amount of jaggery or increase flattened rice measure a bit more.

The recipe for this is simple, but keeping a check on the jaggery’s consistency/thickness is essential.

It should be of a softball consistency. If it becomes any harder, making ladoos will be difficult. And if its thinner, the laddu will come apart quickly with a stringy syrup attached.

The laddu will harden as soon as they are ready if the consistency is right. One can store the laddu in an air-tight container for weeks.

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