Chorafali is an enjoyable deep-fried, flaky snack. It is a traditional Diwali snack that Gujaratis love to make.

Its main ingredient is chickpea flour, but we are using urad dal as well. Mostly we can find it in Gujarati household, but sometimes people of Maharashtra also prepare this.

Chorafali is less fussy and delicious food that does not take much time to prepare. Just perfecting the dough can be a bit trickier in the beginning.

Beating or hammering the dough is essential with a mortar-pestle. It smoothes the dough before frying. And be careful with the oil temperature. If it is too hot, then the strips will burn immediately.

They are convenient when you feel the need to munch on something and silent your hunger pangs. You might have found your Gujarati friend carrying and sharing this with them during the Diwali festival.

You can cut the strips in the middle part and not cut through the edges, as we did with the first one in the video. Or can separate the strips and then fry them. However, you wish to do it.

You can store them in a tight jar and eat them for days. They taste great with hot ginger tea as a snack.

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