Namak Pare is a crispy & savory deep-fried snack. They are popular in Gujarat and as mathri in some parts Punjab and U.P.

This snack is in the shape of a strip and is similar to the pastry that we season with ajwain and loaded with ghee or oil.

The overall process of making namak pare is relatively easy. Just the folding and rolling of the dough requires some patience. Otherwise, it is not that much a fuss.

How much tight are your dough, and the amount of ghee you will use in it will determine your snack’s crunch and crispiness.

These are an excellent option to have with your evening tea. We prepare it typically during festivals like Karwa Chauth, Holi, or Diwali.

We have used all-purpose flour along with semolina here. But you can opt for whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour. Or any combination with these three.

There are several other names for this snack. Spicy Shankarpali, Tukkudi, Nimki, Nimkin, or Namkeen are a few of them.

They are crisp instead of flaky and puff up after frying. A counterpart of this snack is Maharashtra’s snack Shakkar pare, which is sweet. That, too, is a popular Diwali snack.

These snacks are easy to store. You can keep them in an air-tight container, and they will be edible for a few weeks.

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