Samosa Puri is a crispy, crunchy, and savory snack. It is very similar to Namak Pare and looks like a small samosa. It is popular in Gujarat.

This food is very light and is an enjoyable snack.  You can eat it at any given time. Besides, it is quite easy-to-make and does not require much time.

Samosa Puri is savory in taste and does not contain many spices. You can make it spicy by adding the red chili powder to the dough if you like.

Usually, we prepare this during the festival of Holi and Diwali. But it is not restricted to this time only. Whenever you feel like having it, you can make it.

It is an excellent snack to accompany with hot ginger tea. And it is also a great thing to have provided in the lunch box.

This puri is also a perfect thing to give variation to your regular papdi chaat. Just use this with the same ingredients of the papdi chaat, and you will have a much flavorful and finger-licking dish.

Similarly, you can try different toppings with this, like we usually do with Monaco biscuit. Or can use the ragda of the famous ragda pattice with this puri. You are sure going to enjoy these varieties. And then you can put them in your menu list to serve to your guests and impress them.

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