Suji Puri is a traditional puffed Indian fried bread that is made of all-purpose flour or wheat flour. Other names for the snack is just Puri or Luchi.

Typically, we eat puris with sabzi or curry during breakfast or lunch. Sometimes, it is also taken as a light snack or during dinner as well.

But this suji puri we made is more of a snack recipe. Or it is also great for breakfast as well. It is an excellent option for a tiffin box as well.

Rave poori is flaky in texture and is spicy & tangy in taste. It is a delicious breakfast or a filling evening snack. Moreover, serving it with ginger tea is like a tradition in India.

If you like, you can have it with curd dip or sauce. People also eat this with aloo ki sabzi for breakfast.

You can make it spicier by adding more spices of your choice. But on the contrary, it can also be made to taste sweet.

To make it sweet, eliminate all the spices, except salt and add sugar in the curd before making the dough. Or you can dip the delicious puri for a minute in sugar syrup to make it sweet.

Generally, semolina is not used while making this puri. But we made it an addition here. It will make the puri crisper after frying and will enhance the taste and texture.

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