We have discovered 15 fascinating Farsan ideas for Diwali, a perfect snack time to enjoy with family.

A very special festival in India needs a special welcome. The time of vacation is coming near & near and we all are so excited about our trips and eating delicious food.

Farsan is our snack base items that we chew all day & night. So why not give you some real reasons to love your regular Farsan.

During Diwali time, you have lots of guests visiting you wholeheartedly. To make them feel special, you can always address your meet up time with these 15 Farsan ideas.

Farsan recipes birth happened in Gujarat and it is mostly eaten in breakfast. Especially a Gujarati’s Sunday starts with eating Farsan only. Meet these quirky Farsan made with fun.

These Farsans are easy & quick to make & kids at home will have a good time with crunchy mouth-watering snack ideas.

You can carry these farsan along with you when you travel. Apart from that, you can try these 10 Simple And Easy Travel Food Ideas. No longer talks! Let’s jam our snack time.

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1. Farsi Puri

Source: www.werecipes.com

It’s wacky Gujarati snack made for all-purpose Diwali days. You can store these Puris for 15-20 days to make your whole Diwali eatable with crunchy voices.

2. Mixed Vegetable Handvo

Source: www.tarladala.com

Mixed Vegetable Handvo adds real soothing time to your occasion. It is made with your regular Idli batter and added with some juicy tempting veggies inside. The sesame & mustard seeds add an aromatic flavor to Handvo,

3. Bataka Vada

Gujarati bataka vada

Gujarati’s favorite Bataka Vada has to be included in the list. There is no better competition for this snack. These delicious mashed potato filled savories are enjoyed with tomato ketchup or Green Chutney too.

4. Vegetable Cutlet

Source: www.funfoodfrolic.com

Enjoy your teatime with more glamour. This tantalizing Veg Cutlet is will make you linger around it. Add some little spice to these cutlets and enjoy your quirky gossips.

5. Medu Vada

Medu Vada

These round miniatures are so fluffy & soft that you can fancy your meet uptime. It’s an amazing Indian fitter recipe that has many hearts and still on the game.

6. Bread Basket Chaat

Source: www.funfoodfrolic.com

Have you ever imagined such delicacy in real-time? Surely the chef has won our hearts for making this breathtaking basket. A new face to Diwali Farsan. Host your guest with this Bread Basket Chaat & make Diwali creative.

7. Stuff Khandvi

Source: www.geetascuisine.com

Gujarati Khandvi making getting a makeover in a chef’s kitchen. You can feel what new you can make because ideas never die. Meet stuff Khandvi with a twist. It is garnished with shredded coconut on the top and inside it is stuffed with shredded beetroot, coconut & coriander leaves.

8. Dahi Bhalle

Go do some balle balle this Diwali. Adding some bindaas Punjabi flavor to Diwali makes it fun & colorful. Throw a chaat party at home with your close family members, play Antakhsari & eat Dahi bhalle.

9. Chiroti

Source: www.sailusfood.com

You can make Diwali Farsan with three flavors. Savory, sweet & spicy. This Farsan adds some sweetness to your Diwali celebration. Chiroti is sweet-savory with concentric circles which has cardamom flavor in all bites.  Share the bite with your loved one & capture the moment of love.

10. Omapodi Diwali Mixture

Source: www.archanskitchen.com

Omapodi is just a quick snack that is on the go, off at home or taking it to short trips works well. Fresh homemade style Omapodi mixed with peanuts & dry fruits with the simple masala.

11. Ribbon Pakoda

Source: www.chefinyou.com

An amazing transition adding to your snack ideas. Ribbon Pakoda is Crunchy in texture & very addictive once you start eating it. Enjoy this with your husband & have bliss the Diwali time together.

12. Dudhi Jowar Dhebra

Farsan Ideas For Diwali

Source: www.magicofindianrasoi.com

Dhebra is a famous Gujarati Farsan which is a deep-fried breakfast idea. The Puri is made of Jowar(Barley). You can use Bajra flour too. If you are going to a picnic during Diwali vacation, then don’t forget to pack this delicious flaky Dhebra.

13. Namkeen Champakli

Farsan Ideas For Diwali

Source: www.spusht.blogspot.com

Tea-time snack has a new shape & taste. Champakali is a famous snack item that is not only popular in Diwali time but also in regular days. Kids get it in their snack box and adults enjoy it with evening tea time watching some TV programs.

14. Toor Dal & Palak Dhokla

Farsan Ideas For Diwali

Source: www.magicofindianrasoi.com

Dhokla is like a fluffy cake & very easy to make at home. You can add lots of flavor to Dhokla. This Dhokla recipe doesn’t require batter or fermentation. Serve it with Green Chutney and enjoy the Spinach flavor. Let’s celebrate a healthy Diwali.

15. Onion Murukku

Farsan Ideas For Diwali

Source: www.rakskitchen.net

This Onion Murukku will leave an amazing taste in your mouth that you will not eat anything after it. It’s delicious savory that goes so well with Diwali celebrations all family together eating it on chit chat.

Diwali brings closeness between family, siblings & friends. Make the moments count with such Farsan fun & Masti. Cherish your festival celebration to the height.

Happy Diwali readers! I wish you all mind-blasting foodie days.