Poha Papad Chivda is a unique snack of flaked rice and papad, along with spices. It is a popular snack among Gujarati people, and they prepare it very much.

It is a Diwali special snack. Gujaratis prepare it during the festival of Diwali along with numerous other snacks and sweets. However, it is not a compulsion to have it only while at this time.

Everyone has their methods and ways to make this chivda. But the limited core ingredients are going to be the same.

Some like it spicy, while others like it as sweet and tangy. All of the ways are alright. It entirely depends on your tastebuds on which flavor you settle on for this snack.

You can add chilies and asafoetida to make it spicy. Or you can add sugar more to have a much sweeter taste. Lemon juice can also be an excellent option to make it tangy.

If you want to make it crispier, you should use thin flaked rice. Remember to add the roasted papad after the chivda is cooled down, or the papad will be soft instead of crunchy.

It can be stored in an air-tight container and will be edible for several days. Poha Papad Chivda comes in handy when you need to have something filling and flavorful in your stomach.

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