Rice Flour Sticks, aka rice Kurkure, is an eccentric snack recipe. Not only snacks, but you can munch them in breakfast with coffee or tea. Okay, there’s one more. Pack them in your kid’s school lunch box with tomato sauce. I am pretty sure the kid is going to love it.

Hence, these Kurkure snacks are kids’ favourite. Yes, we can say that. Since we are discussing it, why not make them in the first place. Let’s get started.

Make a rice flour dough. Shape the dough into the sticks. Further deep fry these sticks till medium brown. That’s precisely what we call rice flour sticks, aka rice Kurkure. The best part is they are tummy filling. To put it differently, it’s a snack item heavy on the tummy.

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Store these Kurkure sticks in an air-tight container. However, there’s a risk here. If the container is loosely shunted, the moisture will loosen the sticks. Continuous exposure to moisture will make your rice flour sticks dense & tasteless. Therefore, be cautious with the storage.