Rice Flour Sticks, aka rice kurkure, is an eccentric snack recipe. Not only snacks, but you can munch them in breakfast with coffee or tea. Okay, there’s one more. Pack them in your kid’s school lunch box with tomato sauce. I am pretty sure the kid is going to love it.

Hence, these kurkure snacks are kids’ favourite. Yes, we can say that. Since we are discussing it, why not make them in the first place. Let’s get started.

What is precisely Rice Flour Sticks?

Make a rice flour dough. Shape the dough in the sticks. Further deep fry these sticks till medium brown. That’s precisely what we call rice flour sticks, aka rice kurkure. The best part is they are tummy filling. To put it differently, it’s a snack item heavy on the tummy.

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The next thing we will do is refer to the items we need to make rice flour sticks.

Rice Flour Sticks Ingredients

The item list is short. Hence, we require fewer things to make & snack these kurkure sticks. Let’s take a look at what we need.

  • Rice Flour – This is our base ingredient. Either use readymade rice flour or DIY at home. Anyone will do.
  • Gram Flour – It gives smoothness to the dough. Moreover, it binds other ingredients together.
  • Wheat Flour – The characteristics of wheat flour is similar to that of rice flour. Don’t skip.
  • Salt – As per taste.
  • Baking Soda – To make your rice flour sticks lightweight. Measure the quantity.
  • Water – As needed to knead the dough.
  • Butter – We need butter to make our dough smooth. Moreover, you can use ghee or oil too.
  • Rice Flour – To knead the dough.
  • Cooking Oil – To deep fry & knead the dough. Use regular cooking oil.
  • Red Chili Powder – To add a spicy coating on your sticks.
  • Salt – Not mandatory. Sprinkle as per requirement.
  • Chat Masala – Alike red chilli powder & salt sprinkle chaat masala as per taste.

The ingredient list ends here. On the contrary, it’s easy to get all. Now it’s time to make.

Making Rice Flour Sticks at Home

The making process is hassle-free, and there are no prior preparations to do. For your convenience, the recipe is divided into parts. Let’s take a look.

Rice Flour Batter

Kneading a lightweight & airy dough is the heart of this recipe. But first, we will make a smooth batter. Then, make sure there are no lumps in the batter.

Dry the Batter

Evaporate the water content present in the batter. In short, cook till it is medium dry. After that, add butter to make it smooth. Zero moisture will not only burn the batter, but it will also shatter the rice sticks.

Knead the Dry Batter into Dough

Knead your dough with bare hands or use the dough machine. Incorporate smoothness into your dough using cooking oil, rice flour, butter or ghee.

Shape Dough into Sticks

Grease your palms & make sticks out of the dough. If your dough is loose, add some rice flour. The rice flour sticks must not shatter in the hot oil.

Deep Fry

Fry sticks in hot oil till medium brown. Use regular cooking oil. Do not use ghee or butter to fry.

Masala Coating

Your rice flour sticks are ready, but they are tasteless. Sprinkle red chilli powder, salt and chaat masala. Mix well. Take care that each & every stick is well coated with masala powders.

Storing Your Crispy Rice Flour Sticks

Store these kurkure sticks in an air-tight container. However, there’s a risk here. If the container is loosely shunted, the moisture will loosen the sticks. Continuous exposure to moisture will make your rice flour sticks dense & tasteless. Therefore, be cautious with the storage.

Hence, that was it with the kurkure rice sticks recipe today. Watch the recipe video for precise details. Follow the recipe steps with images. Compare them side by side while cooking.

There’s a recipe card too. Download it on your smartphone & make this dish on the go. If you like this recipe, share it with your friends & family members.

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