Suvali Puri is a crispy and delicious deep-fried traditional Indian flat-bread. It is a specialty of Gujarat and is very similar to crackers.

Gujaratis make several snacks during the festivals of Navratri and Diwali. They differ from regular snacks to snacks, especially for fastings. Suvali Puri is also one such snack that Gujaratis make during Diwali.

This snack is crispy, delicious, and extremely easy-to-make. It is best enjoyed with tea or coffee and can be a replacement for cookies. However, it is also enjoyable to have it sweet and sour mango pickle, even if not many people try it.

It was considered an exclusive snack in the past, and ladies will prepare it only during the festival. But unlike in the past, you can prepare it anytime you like. There is no compulsion regarding the time of year to make it.

Other names for this enjoyable snack is suvari puri because of its golden color. Or even Farsi puri because of its crispy texture.

It can be an excellent dish for beginners to learn cooking. It is a quick and fuss-free recipe. And not to forget it is also very stomach filling and healthy. So it won’t be a problem if you overeat it.

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