Rava Maida Puri is a traditional recipe that is crispy in texture. It is made with all-purpose flour and semolina. People consume this snack during festivals like Diwali or Navratri.

Here we have used oil in the dough. But usually, people use clarified butter in it. More amount of clarified butter will make it more flaky and crispy. But don’t let yourself go overboard, or else it will be too soft to make puris.

Also, while frying them, we need to make sure the oil is not piping hot. We need it just hot enough to make the puris crispy. Besides, the thickness of this puris is directly proportional to the temperature of the oil.

It is crispy in texture and hence also known as Farsi Puri. These are pretty similar to Punjabi mathri concerning the texture but are different in taste.

Black Pepper is a more noticeable taste in this puri. If you want, you can even make a spicy version of it by adding red chilli powder and eliminating sugar.

Rava Maida Puri is very similar to a biscuit. You can even call it an Indian version of biscuits.

These Puris are used to serve with shrikhand or sweet yogurt. Therefore, it resembles the ice-cream sandwich we eat.

Similarly, you can use this with toppings as flavoured yogurt or cream and enjoy the sweet and savoury taste. If you replace oil with butter, you will have actual biscuits.

This change will make the recipe even more versatile. You will be able to use these in baking then or making desserts as well.

This puri is more enjoyable when served with tea.

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