Rava Ghughra is an innovative version of traditional mawa ghughra. Another name for ghughra is gujiya.

This recipe is originally consisting of just all-purpose flour and milk solids or mawa. We have given a healthy twist to the traditional recipe.

Semolina will help with making it a little more crispy. Besides, Rava Ghughra is a great substitute for those who find the traditional version of this sweet difficult to digest.

We have also eliminated the milk solids. So, if anyone is allergic to them or is a vegan, then they need not worry. They, too, can eat it carefree and enjoy the sweet.

The sweet is crisp or flaky in texture from the outside and is soft from the inside. And is sweet and savory in taste, along with the nuttiness of dry fruits and coconut.

It is trendy in the Gujarati household. People make this sweet for special occasions or at festivals like Holi or Diwali.

These ghughras or gujiyas can be stored in the container and will be edible for days to consume. One of the most popular snacks to savor. Healthy and delicious food to fill your stomach with.

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