Sabudana Namkeen is a crispy and delicious snack consisting of tapioca pearls or sago. This recipe is typically prepared at festivals like Navratri during fastings.

There is a different variety of tapioca pearls that is larger. They are a must to make this recipe as they can be fried. They are readily available in any retail grocery store.

In this sabudana namkeen, there is just the addition of rock salt and sugar. But if you wish, you can add spices that are preferred during fastings in Navratri.

Red chili powder is an option to add to the recipe. If you don’t want to use it, you can use green chili after frying in oil. Or black pepper is also good to use for spicing this snack up.

Even if this is a snack for fasting, you can make it anytime you like. It is just a two-ingredient snack and is ready in no time. Extremely quick, fuss-free, and ready-to-eat a snack.

It can also be a great option to provide in kids’  lunchboxes. You can store this namkeen in an airtight jar. It will keep the food edible for days to come.

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