Sev mamra snack is not only kids’ favourite but also loved by adults. Tell me – क्या आप नाश्ते में से जली हुई मूंगफली ढूंढ-ढूंढ कर सबसे पहले खा जाते हो 🤣🤓

If your answer is YES, then you will like the snack recipe am sharing today. This snack is straightforward to make. Not only this, but you can add a variety of other items to make it more eatable.

This puffed rice snack is popular amongst Indian household, and we all know about it. Therefore let’s cut the crap and jump directly to the list of items needed. Once done with ingredients, we will move on to the making process.

Since we discuss the sev mamra snack, I will tell you what else you can add apart from things mentioned here. So, let’s get started.

Sev Mamra Ingredient List

Puffed rice, aka mamra aka murmura in hind, is our base ingredient. Additionally, it is also our star ingredient. I mean the main item around which the entire sev mamra recipe revolves.

Cooking Oil

Regular cooking oil is what I have used here—nothing to fancy about it.


Peanuts (मूंगफली) are an integral part of the sev mamra recipe. I used to find & eat all the peanuts first from my dry snack when I was a kid.

I bet you would have done the same when you were a kid. The burnt & smoky taste of peanuts is what I like. In short, don’t skip peanuts.

Curry Leaves

Similar to peanuts, curry leaves are fried till they become crunchy. Also, don’t skip this time. Use dry curry leaves only.

Red Chili Paste

There are a couple of reasons to use red chilli paste in the sev mamra snack recipe. First, you get a natural red colour without food colour. Second, it adds the required spiciness.

However, green chilli paste is another natural substitute if you don’t like red.

Puffed Rice

There’s no problem in using ordinary puffed rice available at your nearest Kirana Store. Similar to cooking oil, there’s nothing fancy about puffed rice.


Deep-fried thin gram flour (besan) noodle is what we call sev in Hindi & Gujarati. Boondi is made the same way. But here I have used readymade sev.

How to make Sev Mamra Spicy?

Of course, the making process is effortless. Not only effortless, but the time required is also minimum. My daughter-in-law makes sev mamra for her kids in the morning while making breakfast. I mean, it’s that easy.

The making process involves tempering the red chilli paste with curry leaves & peanuts. After that, add puffed rice. Coat the puffed rice, aka mamra, in the oily red chilli liquid.

Doing this, you get the masala sev mamra. If you want a regular one, then skip red chilli paste & add turmeric powder.

Finally, garnish the sev mamra with fried besan sev & VOILA! Your masaledar snack is ready. Munch it anytime & anywhere.

Making Sev Mamra More Tempting

The snack recipe I have shared is a regular one with minimal ingredients. But wait, that’s not it. There’s an entire list of other materials. You can convert regular sev mamra into a new & dry tea time snack by adding them.

Here’s the list of items.

  • Dry coconut flakes (coconut chips)
  • Roasted Kaju (cashews)
  • Sugar
  • Rock salt
  • Roasted chana dal (split chickpeas)
  • Red or black raisins
  • Green chillies
  • Cornflakes

The above ingredients are typically used in the traditional Indian style poha chivda snack recipe. We can add all of them here as well.