Shakkar Para is a crispy, flaky, deep-fried snacks. They are a sweet counterpart of Namak Pare and are similar to cookies.

The recipe is famous in Gujarat and North India. But it is most favored and loved in Maharashtra. A similar recipe of Shakkar pare is Shankarpali, but its method is slightly different.

Similar different versions of this type of snack are available. They are namak pare, mathri, gudpare, and matar (savory crispy similar to namak pare).

Shakkar Para is also one of the many snacks that we prepare during the Navratri and Diwali festival.  These snacks are incredibly filling to have during fastings.

We have added sugar while making the dough itself. However, the snacks are often fried first and then soaked in a sugar syrup to get the sweetness. Also, if you replace sugar with jaggery to make it sweet, then it will become gudpare.

If you are opting for sugar syrup, then you need to be careful. The consistency of the syrup should be up to two-three threads. That part is tricky and requires practice to make it perfect. So better is you mix the sugar in the dough until your syrup is perfect.

You can coat it with shredded coconut or powdered sugar to make it more enjoyable. It is nice to have it with tea or else anytime you wish.

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