Ragda pattice or ragda patties is a chaat recipe that is a favorite of all. Indians serve the shallow fried/pan fried potato patties with spicy dried white peas curry that is ragda. These are the two main elements of this recipe.

It is popular street food in Mumbai. But Gujaratis also have a huge liking to it.

When served at streets it has various chaat chutneys(tamarind and coriander chutney), powders and sev sprinkled on it. The dish has soft texture with a bit crusty layer on it.

Along with that, it has a burst of multiple flavors like sweet, savory, tangy and spicy. Adding soaked poha in the patties makes it extra crispy.

These above flavors indicated in hindi as “Chatpata”. Dishes coming under the chaat category is generally consisting of all these flavors.

Chaat literally translates to lick in hindi. It means that all chaat dishes will make you lick your fingers and hungry for more.

The spices and flavors in the dish can be adjusted as per your preference and taste. Just alter the amount of all the chutneys and spice powder and you’re done!

A similar counterpart of such chaat is available in the Northern region of India. The patties are called aloo tikki and instead of Ragda, chole that are made up of chickpeas is available.

That recipe is a very close call to that. Otherwise, white peas or Matar is generally served with kulcha in North India.

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