Ragda pattice is a tasty member of the chaat family in Indian street food. Shallow fried potato, curry of white peas, onion, tomato, Tangy and spicy chutneys and the royal touch of curd makes this dish a delight.

It is originally from Mumbai, but Gujarat (The land of foodies) and Delhi (Also the chaat capital of India 😉 ) Have adopted this dish. Ragda pattice is famous in the streets and restaurants as well! The best part about ragda patties is that it is readily available and straightforward. Anyone can eat it whenever they see fit!

The soft texture and crusty layer in this dish are like each other. The best part about ragda patties is that you can give them the taste you want! Sweet, tangy, spicy, anything, the choice is yours!

There are mainly two components, as the name suggests Ragda and patties. Ragda is a curry with white peas. And the second is Patties in Hindi, and you can call it Aloo Tikki.

Both of these ingredients are topped with some tastiest chutneys and masalas. The two chutneys used here are Meethi chutney and Teekhi chutney. If you are open to experiments, peanuts can be an excellent addition to the list of toppings.

Meethi chutney is made of ingredients such as tamarind, jaggery and dates. Where teekhi chutney is made of ingredients such as ginger, lime juice, chaat masala, chilli etc. On the streets, people refer to them as laal chutney and hari chutney.

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More Toppings:

Apart from chutneys, some mouth-watering toppings will make patties extra fun for you.

  1. Pomegranate: A well-known ally of chaat food. Pomegranate will surely make Ragda patties more tangy and tasty.
  2. Raw mangoes: Like pomegranates, raw mangoes will surely make chaat food tastier. The smaller pieces of raw mangoes, the better!
  3. Sev: Sev will add the crunchiness to the ragda patties. Just make sure it does not overshadow other ingredients.
  4. Curd: The creamy and royal taste of curd will delight every bite. It also compliments the taste of chutneys.
  5. Crushed puries: Crushed puris are an excellent add-on. Their presence will give you crunchiness of a different kind.
  6. Coriander leaves: Coriander leaves are a great and nutritious addition to ragda patties. As it serves well to the texture, as well as taste.

Few Tips

  • The ragda should have thick in moderate amount. Avoid making it watery. The less watery, the better.
  • You can shallow fry as well as roast the patties.
  • Prepare the chutneys before starting to make ragda patties.
  • Before you make ragda, put the white peas in enough water for 6-8 hours.


  • Chop capsicum vertically in medium pieces.
  • Chop green chilli (Finely chopped is also fine.)
  • Soak white peas for 6-8 hours
  • Boil the potatoes and keep them handy.
  • Soak rice flakes as they will make them softer.
  • Chop coriander and keep ready to get the final touches done fast.