Bhungara Bateta is a popular spicy and zesty street food of Gujarat. A unique dish of spicy baby potatoes along with pipe fryums to treat your taste buds.

The baby potatoes are cooked with a plethora of spices. It tastes spicy, tangy, zesty, nutty, and a little spicy.  The combination of the potatoes and fryums perfectly balance and blend the flavors.

It is more popular and is originally from the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. Generally, the taste of garlic is more prominent in the potatoes. But you can lessen the impact by using less garlic.

Some even use tomatoes while cooking the potatoes. But we have skipped that here.

While craving for a quick snack, this recipe can come to your aid, especially during monsoons. Eating bhungara bateta will magnify the enjoyment of the cool, rainy atmosphere.

It is a great recipe to have at any time you want. Whether in your breakfast, evening snack, or dinner.

It is filling and will offer a lot of flavors for your taste buds. You can even bring it in a tiffin box for lunch. Just packing the fryums will be tricky, to not break them.

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