Bhungara Bateta (भुंगरा बटेटा) is a mad-mad 😍😍😍 street food of India. It is spicy with red gravy. Additionally, it contains a mild sweet flavour. Now all this might sound very familiar to you. But wait, there’s something interesting.

There’s a unique style to eating bhungara bateta. Yes, and that’s the USP of this dish.

If you are eating it for the first time, then remember this. It’s forbidden to eat लचकेदार लाल बटाटा with roti. Not even with kulcha or paratha. Nope. Never. The traditional style of eating red & spicy मसालावाला बटेटा is with pipe fryms.

street style bhungara bateta

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Now that’s the reason why it is named likewise. Surprisingly, bhungala (भूंगळा) or bhungra (भुंगरा) is the alternate name to pipe fryms. Having said that, let’s see what it is.

What is Bhungara Bateta? (भुंगरा बटेटा)

The name bhungara bateta comes from the local Indian language. Like I said above, bhungara means pipe fryms & bateta means potato. The term bateta (બટેટા) aka batata (બટાટા) is from the Gujarati language.

Basically, it is a potato snack. But let me tell you that it’s not your regular आलू की सब्जी. On the contrary, this potato curry contains red gravy with the taste of Indian spices & masalas.

bhungara bateta

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However, the size of the potato also matters here. You need boiled baby potatoes that are rolled in the masala gravy. That is how you make authentic bhungara bateta. Okay now, let’s look at the ingredient list.

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Before you begin the roasting potatoes  – boil them & peel off their skin. In short, you will be roasting boiled potatoes. Now heat cooking oil in a pan & put boiled potatoes in it. Roast them for a couple of minutes.

You may see light red burns on the potatoes. Once your potatoes are thoroughly roasted remove them from the pan & keep them aside. Now in the same pan add peanuts & roast them too. Keep it aside once done.

If you observe closely we are setting the stage for the main dish. Like I said above, all these are part of your prior preparations. Hence, don’t skip anything.