Lays Kurkure Chaat is a sprinter. It is one of the fastest chaat recipes I have ever encountered. If there’s anything that I would eat even after having a full course meal, it is the lays Kurkure chaat. Trust me, and I have done this.🤣

Today I am going to share the 10-minute chaat variant recipe with you. Let me tell you if Kurkuri Aloo Tikki Chaat is the king of chaat then the lays kurkure chaat is the Usain Bolt🏃‍♂️ of fastest chaat recipes.😝

Therefore without wasting much time, let’s get started with it.

Why Lays Kurkure Chaat?

The big reason why I am telling this is the ingredient list. The second is the assembly. Third, there’s no cooking or kitchen setup required to make this chaat. Imagine you don’t even need fancy kitchen tools to help you make this chaat.

Everything you require to make this chaat is already in your kitchen closet. All you need is just nine items to make it. Moreover, everything is either readymade or used in raw form—for instance, onion and tomato.

The next big thing is there’s no cooking in here. This chaat eliminates the concept of cooking. Just cut, chop, assemble and mix. That’s it. You are done for the day.🤣  Now you know why I call lays Kurkure chaat a sprinter?

Your Lays Kurkure Chaat is…

  • It is kid-friendly because it has Lays chips and Kurkure, and they already love it.
  • Not at all spicy. It is one of the most चटपटी chaat ever.
  • Not bound to time or place. You can make and eat anywhere and anytime.
  • Versatile because you can add other items to make it more smackable.
  • Ideal for school lunch boxes because there’s no risk of spilling.
  • A superfast chaat that even adults and aged ones will like.
  • Perfect tea time snack apart from chai biscuit or nankhatai.

Okay, now that we know what lays Kurkure chaat is, here’s something more.

How to Enhance the Chaat

Below are substitute items that you can pair well with Lays Kurkure chaat. Here they are.

Namkeen aka Farsan

Namkeen contains a variety of fried snacks. Therefore, it can add a new variety of tastes to your chaat. Namkeen is an obvious add-on to the chaat recipes here in India.

But just a handful of namkeen must go into the chaat; otherwise, you will end with namkeen chat instead of lay Kurkure chaat.

Chana Dal or Roasted Peanuts

Crunchy and nutty peanuts are an integral part of chaats. Even traditional namkeen items contain roasted peanuts and curry leaves. Hence, if you want a crunchy bite, go for 1-2 tbsp roasted peanuts.

The same is the case with chana dal. Roasted chana dal will add crunchiness just like peanuts without altering the taste.

Rock Salt

Sendha namak, Himalayan rose, or pink salt, is one of the best substitutes for white salt. Using rock salt has health benefits since it contains minerals and nutrients essential for the human body.


The small red sweet and sour seeds are eye candy. Not only this but children will love it and will ask for more. Hence, keep your pomegranate stock up to date.😆  It works well with any given chaat recipe.

Yellow Sev aka Fried Gram Flour Noodles

Similar to pomegranate, the yellow sev is a crucial ingredient. Typically, the पीलीवली बेसन की सेव is used to garnish Bombay bhel and dahi papdi chaat.

However, you can also garnish the lays Kurkure chaat with it. It is doable, and everyone will love it.

The above items are suggested to make great chaat using simple ingredients. Now let me tell you what you must not use or add to make this chaat.

3 Things You Must Not Add to Your Lays Kurkure Chaat

I must say this because the following items will either change the meaning of your recipe or modify the taste at large. Here they are.

Puffed Rice

Puffed rice (मुरमुरा) is a different item, and it doesn’t fit in this chaat recipe. You can add puffed rice in jhal muri, Poha Chivda, churumuri, sukhi bhel, etc. but not here. It will change the entire chaat recipe.

Boiled Potatoes

Like puffed rice, boiled potatoes are also forbidden in this chaat. If you look closely, our lay Kurkure chaat is a light snack. Further, if you add boiled potato, it won’t be a light snack anymore. Hence, avoid adding them.

Beaten Curd or Yoghurt

Curd or yoghurt will make the lays, and Kurkure soggy hence avoid using both of them. Additionally, avoid any liquid chutney or sauce.

Hence, these ingredients you need to keep away from our lays Kurkure chaat. Let me know how was your experience making it at home. Did your kids love it or not? See you in the next recipe.