Papad Bhel is a newly added instant snack to the list of street food. This savoury snack is tasty, fuss-free, and easy to make. This bhel will be great to prepare for festivals like Holi.

This snack dish is also an excellent option to make for your kids instead of letting them fill their stomachs with just the fried papad. That can be unhealthy in more quantity. Serving papad this way will be filling and just as irresistible.

Why Make Papad Bhel?

  • This snack is straightforward to make.
  • It is a refreshing change from the regular bhel.
  • A recipe that a novice can even try.
  • It needs minimal ingredients.
  • An enjoyable food to have.
  • I will take no time to prepare this.
  • You don’t need to prepare chutney for this recipe.
  • You can easily add this to your evening snacks menu.
  • A perfect low-fat snack to fill your stomach.
  • The ingredients will not get soggy as there is no liquid used.
  • It is not too spicy yet flavorful.
  • Good choice for everyone but kids especially.
  • A perfect recipe for a lunch box.

Pre Preparation for Making Papad Bhel

I always say that a bhel recipe is always versatile. This recipe is no different. It is almost a no-cook recipe as well.

It will help if you make some preparations beforehand. Boiling the potatoes and frying the papads is one of them. If you wish to add chutneys, then prepare those beforehand as well. Or use green chilli paste instead. You can add sweet chutney too. Also, if you want to add peanuts, then roast them.

Chopping onions and tomatoes for any bhel recipe is common. Do it at last, or else both the ingredients may release the water in them and will not be as fresh, losing their texture. Apart from these, you can add anything you like and taste good in the bhel.

We are adding mix chivda, but you can add papad poha chivda. Almost any readymade dry snack will be good to add to this bhel. As usual, puffed rice is excellent for a bhel recipe. Roasted Bengal gram or dry Bundi can be an option too. It may seem bizarre, but you can also add ketchup, olives, and jalapenos. It can be enticing.

Speaking of enticing, fold the papad in a cone shape and then fill the mix of the remaining ingredients. This presentation will be great to entice your guests. Or you can use the smaller papad and fry them in the shape of a basket. Fill them with the ingredients of your choice, similar to a basket chaat.


  • Garnishing – Mint leaves, coriander, and Sev will be suitable for garnishing. Aloo Sev will be better to use for flavours and texture. Or you can add chana jor garam as well.
  • Spice – Add green chillies or spice powder as per your taste to make it spicier.
  • Serving – If you use sauces or chutneys in the bhel, it will be better to add them before serving.
  • Storing – Store dry, wet and chopped ingredients separately. It’s basic. But storing is not recommended once it’s all assembled.

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