Kurkure Chaat (कुरकुरे चाट) aka Kurkure Bhel is typically like a 2-minute maggi. Let me explain to you how. First, it’s easy to make. I mean, there’s no concept of cooking. You don’t need to saute, stir, cover and cook anything. Second, the items we require to make the Kurkure chaat are readily available. They are easily available, but there are ample substitutes for those ingredients.

Last but not least, everyone in your family, including elders and especially kids, will love this chaat. So, with this in mind, let’s begin today’s recipe.

Why make Kurkure Chaat?

By right away, I mean just now. Trust me, and you can make this chaat while reading this recipe post. Yes, it’s possible. This Kurkure chaat is a chop-chop, mix and match, sweet and sour bhel. Toss all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, and your bhel is ready.

The best part about this chaat recipe is that almost every snack item blends well. So let’s say your kid is hungry, and then this Kurkure chaat can come to your rescue. Moreover, your kid will be delighted to see their favourite Kurkure in the dish.

At the same time, this particular snack is an ideal solution to the school nashta problem. I mean, you can pack Kurkure chaat in the school lunch box. Trust me; your kid will have a lot of friends.😆 By all means, the Kurkure bhel is a no-cook perfect snack for everyone.

Pre-Preparation for Kurkure Chaat

Chaat aka bhel are no-cook recipes, and they will remain likewise forever. Besides, it would help if you made some pre-arrangements. For instance, boil potatoes, peel the skin and chop them into small pieces. Then finely chop onions and tomatoes. Collect all of them into separate bowls or containers. Toss them into the refrigerator so that it remains fresh and eatable.

We have sweet and red chutney on our ingredient list. You can either make it beforehand or purchase it from a local grocery store. I have made both of them at home.

Then there’s green chilli paste (पीसी हुई हरी मिर्च). The hot and spicy green chilli paste is for apparent reason. Likely, kids won’t adjust to the intense hot flavour of the paste. In that case, substitute green chilli paste with coriander mint chutney. Browse the recipe link.

The pre-preparation for our Kurkure chaat ends here.

Kurkure Chaat Extra Shots

  • Store dry, wet and chopped ingredients separately. It’s basic.
  • Immediately serve after adding chutney; otherwise, the Kurkure will become soggy.
  • Don’t store the chaat once it is ready.
  • You can use readymade aloo sev to garnish your Kurkure chaat.
  • There’s one readymade snack चना जोरगराम. Add one packet. You will like it
  • Almost any readymade packaged snack works well with this chaat. Go ahead and try.

List of Easy Chatpati Chaat Recipes

The below-given list contains easy, फटाफट and चटपटी chaat recipes that you must try at home. You won’t eat anything else once you eat them. Here they are.