Suji Besan snack is a unique snack recipe that we make with the combination of besan and suji or semolina. It is also very soft and fluffy in texture. This snack is a really tasty and filling recipe to have and is also very simple to prepare.

We Indians have always been a fan of varieties of foods, including snacks. And we are never going to run out of the snack ideas to prepare.

This suji besan is also one such snack idea. What’s more, is this snack is a steamed recipe, unlike the usual deep-fried snacks we have eating.

So you can eat these delicious snacks to your heart’s content instead of worrying about putting on weight. And because it is steamed it will be light on your stomach and will be easily digested.

This will be a fancy snack to serve your guests during parties. It is a great dish to present to your vegan friends as well. Or you can just make this to satiate your hunger and fill your stomach. Moreover, it is a great snack to provide in lunch boxes to kids.

One thing to note in the recipe is the water quantity depends on the suji and besan mix. if the dough is solid, add water gradually and mix. Adding too much water will make the dough runny. Hence, monitor your water content tightly. Do not allow to rest the mixture after adding eno powder.

You can also make a number of other recipes with the combination of chickpea flour and semolina and with almost the same ingredients used here. One can also make deep-fried snacks out of this. These snacks will taste best with a cup of hot tea.

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