Stuffed Kapuria with Green Cheese Sauce is a delicious Gujarati recipe made with a twist. It has a unique taste and is a Gujarati fusion recipe. The taste is creamy, cheesy and soft that melts in your mouth.

Kapuria is a Gujarati food and all the Gujarati family enjoys it for dinner. The kapuria flour is made of rice, chana dal, mung daal, and tur daal. You can get it from any Kirana store near you where various types of flours are available.

The presentation is quite different and that’s what it makes so special recipe. It takes little time to prepare but the taste is heavenly awesome.

One can serve with green chutney or even mango pickle too. But I tried to make it differently. I made a sauce out of green chutney adding some cheese, stuff kapuria with potato sabji, and compiled three things in one recipe.

You can even prepare this recipe with different types of sauce. Make with schezwan sauce also. One can experiment with various tastes according to one needs.

I loved the green cheese sauce more because it gives spicy and cheesy taste at the same time. Try this stuffed kapuria with green cheese sauce at home and let me know in comments for love of this recipe.

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