Palak Bhajiya Chaat is a sweet, sour & tangy fusion chaat recipe that everybody just falls in love with. Crispy spinach fritters coated with besan & garnished with crunchy farsan, chutney & curd.

The taste is stupendous fabulous. Especially if you are a chaat lover, you are going to love this trio of fritters, chutney & curd.

I love fusions so much and I always love creating recipes out of various cuisines. Food has a long history & this recipe will surely make one.

The special thing about this is that it is a combination of hot with cool, crispy with dip and chaat with bhajiyas. If you are looking for a simple yet yummy tummy-filling dinner this can be your best choice.

I made this recipe for my daughter’s friends. Every Sunday they come home and love eating my dishes. They would come vigorously looking into my kitchen as what I am cooking & ask,” Aunty, what’s cooking in your kitchen today?”

I would directly just serve them in their plates and they would taste the new thing with having a mouth muttering “mmmmmmm!”

For all the chaat lovers, try out this unique and hatke fusion and non-chaat lovers will fall in love with chaats again! I promise.