Surti Bataka Puri is an authentic snack food from Surat, Gujarat. You enjoy this pretty puri during your evening tea time or sometimes you can also enjoy it for dinner.

This recipe is very close to my heart because I am from Surat & since my childhood, my mother is making this strictly as weekly cooking. I and my father enjoyed it so much together.

It’s a complete playtime dish you can enjoy while playing cards or with your kids. Such a scrumptious recipe of all time. It is called Potato fritters as well. These Puries are basically deep fried.

Surat city has always been famous for its food. All kinds of food- dessert, snacks, thali, locho and so much more. You get many street places to eat food. One thing we all do commonly in this city is enjoy our Sunday the most. It’s like Sunday is for food.

You can enjoy these fritters during the rainy season the most. Just imagine, heavy rain, cold outside & a Puri in your hand. Serve it with tomato ketchup and enjoy it with your Netflix.

There are many variations available for Surti Bataka Puri. Just add your favourite ingredient to the Batter. That’s it. To name some: Lahsun Bataka puri, Chatori Bataka Puri, Spicy Bataka Puri and so on.

Making Besan Kadhi For Bataka Puri

In Surat, this snack is served along with a special chutney that resembles a kadhi in look. The ingredients as well are quite similar to that of a Gujarati Kadhi.

To make this chutney, you will need yoghurt, besan, black salt, sugar, green chilli paste, ginger paste, turmeric powder, water, citric acid, and water. We’ll also need mustard, curry leaves, asafoetida (Hing), and oil for tempering.

Mix all the ingredients except for those ingredients for tempering. Heat oil on medium heat. Temper curry leaves and mustard seeds. Add the curry leaves only after the mustard seeds start popping. Once done, add kadhi to this tempering. Do it gradually and not at once.

Cook this for 2-3 minutes and keep stirring the kadhi while it is on flame. When it thickens slightly remove it from flames. the chutney is ready.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • The besan that we will coat the potatoes with needs to be of semi-thick consistency.
  • Potato slices should not be thick. If they are thin then the bataka puri will be crispier.
  • Keep the oil temperature high before frying the puris but they are to be fried on medium heat.
  • As for the chutney make sure there are no lumps present in it.
  • If you want more flavours, add spices to the besan as well. Red chilli flakes, green chilli paste, oregano, carrom seeds, etc are great options for the same.
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