Palak Paneer Cheese Dosa is an Indian fusion recipe. The dosa has a yummy Palak sabji filling and it tastes really different. When Palak & Paneer comes together, there is something extraordinary that is going to be made.

You may have tried this duo with rice, gravy sabji or sandwiches. So this time the Palak Paneer sabji comes with dosa also. The ultimate creation of dosa with a scrumptious filling.

It tastes so cheesy, shuttle and totally we had goosebumps when we had it at home.

The review I got from my family members, my children is unexplainable. The taste is moderately spicy and creamy.

Palak (Spinach) has nutritional value also. It is a very good sabji for getting minerals into your body. In the winter season, you will love this idea for cooking.

If you are a Dosa lover, have immense love for paneer, this combination is just perfect for you. You can eat it without sambhar also because the filling is itself a charmer. It takes only a few minutes to make it. Serve it fresh & hot.

If your guests or friends are coming home, Palak Paneer Cheese Dosa is the best choice for light dinners or 5 o’clock munching.

Have it with coconut chutney, and enjoy the delicious saga of Dosa.