Surti paneer ghotala (सुरती पनीर घोटाला) is one of a kind recipe. Period.

We all know the hospitality of Gujarati people, especially the people of Surat city. Yup, I am talking about the diamond city of Gujarat. There’s so much this city offers. Incredible food, culture, entertainment, & dodhiya. 🤣 🤣 🤣

Yeah, I am a big fan of surti dodhiya. Let me tell you, the surti style of Garba is called Dodhiya. Not only this, but it is one of the most challenging forms of Garba played in Gujarat. Okay, now back to the recipe.

What is surti paneer ghotala?

First thing first, surti paneer ghotala is a paneer dish. Paneer is grated & cooked with the maslawala tadka. We use a series of spice mix & masala powders in making this authentic dish. On the other hand, we also have cheese & butter to enhance the typical taste. That’s the surti paneer ghotala.

One more thing in the native Gujarati language this dish is called સુરતી પનીર ઘોટાળો.

Why it has such a unique name?

Surat city is the land of food. I mean here people earn money, spend lavishly behind a variety of food & मजा नी लाइफ. That’s the typical surti lifestyle. Surat has a funny history behind naming food items.

For example, ghotala means scam. Now, who would imagine a word like a scam in a food name? But then it is surat. You never know the next item you are going to eat has a fun name.

A similar item is surti locho. Yes, you read it right. The word meaning of locho is a problem or say an issue. If I were to say in surti language, then it is बवाल.  🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Now you know why surti food has such unique & funny names.

Okay, now let’s discuss the item list we need to make surti paneer ghotala. Here you go.

Surti Paneer Ghotala Ingredients

For easy understanding, let me divide the ingredients into sections. Gather everything before you start cooking. Don’t skip any item. Now refer to the list below.

Dry masala & spice mix in surti paneer ghotala (7 items)

To make our dish masaledar, we will be using whole spices & masala powders. Not to mention, all these masala & spice mixes are already present in your kitchen closets. Doing this, we will integrate much required spicy flavours in our recipe.

For this, we need cumin, coriander powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, garam masala & Kasuri methi. Salt will be as per taste.

Wet ingredients in surti paneer ghotala (5 items)

Cooking oil is to saute our spices & masalas. It’s pretty obvious. Additionally, we will use ginger-garlic paste, capsicum, tomato, coriander & tomato sauce. All these are our wet ingredients. Wash, clean and chop them before cooking.

Dairy Products (3 items)

All in all, we have three dairy items viz butter, paneer & cheese. Since paneer is the main item, hence we ought to use it. Butter is for smooth & soft flavour. Moreover, the butter will reduce the intensity of spice mix & masalas, if any.

Further, we have cheese. The purpose behind using cheese is to integrate creamy & salty flavour. Therefore, it will give a rich look to the final dish. Hence, please do not skip any.


The quantity of water is subjective & it depends on your taste. Examine the taste & texture of the recipe closely. If there’s enough moisture, then don’t add water.

On the contrary, if your mixture is dry, then proceed to add water but gradually. Not to mention, too much water will spoil the taste & texture of the dish. Hence, be careful.

Hence, our ingredient list ends here. Now we will proceed towards cooking authentic surti style paneer ghotala. Let’s do this.

Making Surti Paneer Ghotala

Before we begin the cooking procedure, let me tell you this. Use non-stick kadhai if available. Keep spatula & spoons nearby. Gather all the ingredients in exact measurements before you start. Once everything is ready, begin the process. Here we go.

Making the Tadka

To make surti paneer ghotala we will prepare the tadka first. Temper all dry ingredients in hot oil. Saute them till you smell their specific aroma.

Then add chopped capsicum, tomato & Kasuri methi. Mix well & cook until thick. Allow the tomatoes to melt so that our gravy has a thick texture.

Finally, add butter & cook. Butter will release a sweet aroma. Doing this, your paneer ghotala will have a spicy fragrance that is mouth-watering.

Add paneer

Now that we have our tadka ready, it’s time to bring in the main item.

Do not add paneer pieces. Grate paneer beforehand. With paneer, add tomato sauce & chopped coriander. Mix everything well. Add a little water & mix again. Remember, add water only if needed. If your gravy is thick and there’s enough oil in it, then skip the water.

Grate cheese

Finely grate the cheese & combine well. Cover the lid & cook until cheese melts completely. Melted cheese will give a greasy texture to our surti paneer ghotala. Moreover, the cheese will make the gravy thick. Now that’s the exact consistency we want.

Your surti paneer ghotala is ready. Put a cube of butter on the गरमा-गरम ghotala. Serve with kulcha, butter roti or paratha.