Multi-Grain Chilla is a leisurely breakfast consisting of multiple grains. These are very healthy, nutritious, and delicious recipes for energy-filled breakfast.

This dish is an excellent alternative for those who are looking for a tummy-filling heavy breakfast and yet doesn’t add too much to the calories. The crispy layer over it makes it even more enjoyable. Besides, it won’t take much time to prepare.

Multi-Grain chilla is one of the perfect recipes for when you are trying to lose weight. Try it by adding to your diet, and you will be getting all the nutrition without adding much weight.

You can use different grains to make the base, depending on your preferences. Moreover, one can alternate between various grains to add a more wholesome breakfast. The best part is, as one can change the composition of grains, the taste can change giving it a good option to keep having for an elongated period of time and doesn’t get bored earing one and the same thing.

Furthermore, one can also add or chop and change the number of vegetables and spices.

It is also a lovely recipe to have in a lunch box. It is swift to make and no fuss recipe. One can enjoy it with ketchup, chutney, or just hot beverages.

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