Besan Chilla is a type of Indian pancake recipe which is very easy to cook. They are also spicy and savory in taste.

The addition of vegetables in the recipe will make it more healthy and nutritious. It also makes them more filling, and hence it is excellent for breakfast.

You can skip the vegetables we are using here. Instead, more spices can be added to the batter. But if it is to your liking, then more vegetables like cabbage, spinach, and carrots can also be used.

Since it is a quick and filling recipe, you can have it during brunch or even in the evening with hot ginger tea. These also make the besan chilla an excellent option for a lunch or tiffin box.

It has a lot of protein, which is a vegan and gluten-free recipe. So anyone can eat it to their heart’s content without worrying. People also call it a vegetable omelet.

It will taste better if the vegetables are finely chopped in the batter. Moreover, keep in mind to not take too large portions of the batter while cooking it. It can result in either it being raw or will take too much time to cook.

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