Rice Chilla is a quick and easy-to-make breakfast recipe. It resembles a pancake and is an Indian spicy version of it.

Typically, gram flour is the core ingredient for making the batter of the chilla. But rice chilla is another version of it that has rice instead of gram flour. This version is more prevalent in South India.

Here we are using just soaked rice for making the batter. But you can make this with leftover cooked rice. When so, you can add semolina and even urad dal to make it crispy. Otherwise, it will be too soft to cook. Also, curd can be substituted for thick buttermilk.

It is a very healthy, filling, and nutritious food for providing a day worth of energy. We add more nutrients to it by adding vegetables that are not included in the traditional recipe for this.

Chilla is a versatile food. You can prepare it with rice, besan, moong dal, urad dal, flour, potato, and so many. You can experiment a little with the spices. The spiciness can be increased or decreased according to your tastes.

It is a great recipe to enjoy for breakfast or evening snacks. You can have it with ginger tea, chutney, ketchup, dip, or any accompaniment you like.

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