Veg Omelet is a fluffy and delicious alternative for vegetarians. Simple and easy to cook. It hardly takes 10 minutes to prepare and a delectable snack is ready to fill your tummy.

The best part about the veg omelette is that it just tastes similar to the egg omelette. Made with besan, maida, baking soda and veggies of your choice. Mix them all and fry them. That’s it.

I made this recipe for my veg fans, and I always tell my vegetarian friends, Why should only the non-vegetarians have all the taste?

A great choice for your kid’s lunch box and as an evening snack with a Garma Garam cup of Masala Chai. To have a better taste you can serve it with Schezwan chutney, tomato ketchup or mint chutney.

Veg Omelet Chef Style

The list of ingredients while making an omelette this way will be longer. Also, the process too will take more effort. But this will yield you great results and everything will be worth it.

You’ll need a cup of milk, a slice of bread, saffron water/turmeric powder (optional), and 1-2 tbsp of butter. If you want, you can plate the omelet with charred tomato slices and boiled potato cubes. Now let’s discuss the making process.

For veg omelet we need to have a similar texture to that of an egg with the available ingredients. In order to mimic the supple and meaty texture of the omelet in this veg counterpart, we are going to need the extra ingredients mentioned. Milk, bread, and melted butter will combinedly create protein albium along with fat and moistness to that of an egg.

Hence, to create a similar texture, first of all, remove the crust from the corners of the bread slices. It would be better if you cut the bread slices into small pieces as they will blend properly in the batter. Once you have that out of the way add it to a bowl, along with milk, besan and flour. Melt butter and then add to the batter. Also, add the salt and sugar and mix. The batter is ready.

The spices will be later added with vegetables. Saute the vegetables in butter along with the spices. Do not make them mush. there needs to be a crunchy texture. Add them to the batter once they are done. Finally, make an omelet on the pan as shown.


  • Beat the batter properly. It will help to make this dish fluffy.
  • Including spices and vegetables depends upon your taste. You can add whichever you like.
  • Likewise, spices can be adjusted to your preference. You can make it more or less spicy.
  • Make the batter in large amounts and make multiple batches of this omelet.