Are you looking for something hot & spicy?

Mirchi fritters are an amazing & refreshing recipe for your evening mood-boosting. It is filled with tangy and spicy chaat masala & lemon juice. It is crispy and tangy altogether.

These fritters can become the best friends of a pregnant lady. When they crave something tangy & spicy, this will be the best fit for them.

I remember my encounter with my wife when she was pregnant. At 2 o’clock at midnight, she wanted to eat something spicy. I literally woke up and went into the kitchen. And made these scrumptious fritters for her.

She was so happy and enjoyed the fritters with our silly talks. It was a special moment. We make the best moments while eating.

Variations To Mirchi Fritters

These fritters can be of different variations. People in Mumbai, Gujarat, Goa, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh make this dish. And they are known by a different names. In Mumbai and Goa, this is called Mirchi Bajji. For the people of Andhra Pradesh (or Karnataka as well), this is mirapakaya bajji. In Gujarat and Rajasthan, this is called Mirchi vada. Or commonly this fritter is known as Mirchi Pakoda.

People use the larger and thicker chillies to make these fritters and not the smaller ones. As opposed to the smaller green chillies they are lighter in colour and also are less spicy. Different chillies can be of use to make these fritter. Bhavnagri chillies are the prime option. However, picador chillies and jalapenos are equally good. Though jalapenos can be a tad bit spicier.

Sometimes, there is also stuffing in the fritters. Mostly in Rajasthan, these chillies are consists of stuffing with besan or mashed potatoes. Plus, the stuffing inside consists of dry spices for more flavours. Sometimes, you will find a similar version with besan stuffing in Gujarat as well. But there is a chance of this stuffing being sweet in taste.

In Andhra Pradesh, these fritters have two layers of stuffing. The first one with just spice paste and the second with vegetables like onions and coriander along with spice coating. This variation is full of tang and spiciness.

Hence, by reading all of these you may now have an idea that these fritters do not have a specific concrete recipe. You can customise this recipe as much as you can as per your taste.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • You can serve these fritters with pav if you want. Some restaurants in Goa do this.
  • It tastes best when you serve this with coconut chutney like in Goa, tamarind chutney, or even tomato ketchup. Mumbai people enjoy this accompanying Kanda bhaji and tea.
  • You can substitute gram flour with chickpea flour.
  • Add one or two tbsp of rice flour to make the fritters crispier.
  • In the besan paste, you can add more spices if you like.
  • You can also deseed the chillies if you cannot handle the heat. However, I would advise you against it if you like spicy food.

Try these cool Mirchi fritters for your loved ones and share your experience with me in the comments below.

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