Are you looking for something hot & spicy?

Mirchi fritters are an amazing & refreshing recipe for your evening mood-boosting. It is filled with tangy and spicy chaat masala & lemon juice. It is crispy and tangy all together.

These fritters can become the best friends of a pregnant lady. When they crave something tangy & spicy, this will be the best fit for them.

I remember my encounter with my wife when she was pregnant. At 2 o’clock at midnight, she wanted to eat something spicy. I literally woke up and went into the kitchen. And made these scrumptious fritters for her.

She was so happy and enjoyed the fritters with our silly talks. It was a special moment. We make the best moments while eating.

Try these cool Mirchi fritters for your loved ones and share your experience with me in the comments below.