Date fritters are sweet indulgence, deep-fried & look too amazing. It is a nutritional fritter recipe that goes well during special occasions at home. The taste is unique and fritters are really soft & crunchy outside.

These fritters will be most like by elders in the family. They are a sweet and healthy options.

Dates are amazing for kids and it adds values in a child’s growth. This recipe will surely change the point of view of many who are thinking to turn the nutrition food into the amazing food.

The fusion worked for my niece. She was living in the USA for more than 2 years. When she came back, she was very thin. Therefore, there was a time when she got a little sick.

I suggested her mother make something out of dates. I came up with dates fritters so that she could enjoy it. By the time, she increased her weight. She gained 3 kgs in one month.

The dates really worked. You can try this amazing recipe for your child & do let us know how much your kid liked it in the comments below.