Cheese Corn Curry is a simple and easy corn gravy recipe. The recipe is very delicious and flavorful. The use of cheese in this dish makes the gravy rich and the cheesy melts in your mouth.

This is originally a North Indian recipe, just with the exclusion of cheese. A great option to replace your regular Punjabi paneer or potato gravies. It can even potentially replace the meat gravies we have.

Even being a North Indian dish, it is not too spicy or hot. The spice in the gravy is replaced with curd and cheese in it. Besides, you can also add cream to make it extra rich and thick.

The Cheese Corn Curry recipe is a really versatile one. You can experiment with different vegetables and it will provide you with a unique version every time. Surprisingly, meat is also an option here. Just adjust some spices here and there.

Even though, it is strictly a corn recipe one can add paneer if they are a fan of it. No one is going to stop you from doing so. It goes well with corn and capsicum.

Also, cashew paste can be used instead of cream. It will provide a natural mild sweetness in the gravy. This makes the gravy a really nice choice to serve to guests at a party.

It is all right to have this delicious gravy during lunch or dinner, both. You can serve it with roti, flatbread, paratha, or even rice if you prefer that.

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